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Eating your greens could enhance sport performance

Category: Healthcare News

Nitrate supplementation in conjunction with Sprint Interval Training in low oxygen conditions could enhance sport performance a study has found. Read More Source: Science Daily

Early life intervention may prevent knee OA later in life

Category: Healthcare News

A recent narrative review of the association between childhood or early adulthood risk factors and the development of knee osteoarthritis showed osteoarthritis may be prevented later in life with early […]

Extra physical education classes may benefit bone health in girls, study shows

Category: Healthcare News

The seven-year study specifically measured the impact of school-based exercise on tibia cortical bone mass distribution, finding that the extra activity time saw significant bone benefits in girls. Read More […]

Study finds predictors for ACL injury are dissimilar between male and female athletes

Category: Healthcare News

Except for increased anterior-posterior knee laxity, results from this study indicated female athletes and male athletes were not similar with regard to predictors for first-time noncontact ACL injury. Read More […]

Rate of injuries among youth soccer players doubled, new study finds

Category: Healthcare News

From 1990 through 2014, the number of soccer-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments in the US each year increased by 78 percent and the yearly rate of injuries increased […]

Wearable neuromuscular device may help reduce ACL injuries in female soccer players

Category: Healthcare News

Using a wearable neuromuscular device can reduce the risk of ACL injury in female soccer athletes, according to new research presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s […]

Triple-bundle reconstruction to offer advantages for acromioclavicular joint instability

Category: Healthcare News

Patients who underwent triple-bundle reconstruction for ACJ instability had superior horizontal ACJ stability than those undergoing a single-bundle procedure. Read More Source: Healio

Single image slice may not capture 3-D muscle measurements in rotator cuff tears

Category: Healthcare News

Patients with rotator cuff tears experience fatty infiltration increased percentages of most likely caused primarily by muscle atrophy and a single image slice did not capture 3-D muscle measurements, according […]

Hamstring injuries in baseball may be preventable

Category: Healthcare News

Creating a program to prevent hamstring injuries in minor league and major league baseball players might be a possibility say researchers presenting their work today at the American Orthopaedic Society […]